The Lakewood Jaycees, a young mans civic organization, was organized and chartered in 1956. Very early on, the club chose as its number one project to be "youth assistance". A goal was set to help raise funds to build and equip a new boys club in the neighborhood. All of the boys clubs in the Metro Atlanta area had very large and active boxing teams. Members of the Jaycee club became very active in support of amateur boxing in Georgia with continuous involvement in The Joseph B. Whitehaed Boys Club.

An annual Golden Gloves state championship was held each year at the Larry Bell Auditorium in Marietta. The tournament was conducted by chairman Al Bishop and chief official Frankie Allen. Numerous Jaycee club members began serving as officials in support of this tournament. When the auditorium was destroyed by fire, the tournament was without a suitable venue. The Jaycee club was approached and agreed to host the State Golden Gloves at the Lakewood fairgrounds. The tournament was successful and repeated for several years at this arrangement. The Georgia Amateur Boxing Assn. was incorporated with the State in the mid sixties as a not for profit Corp.

Mr. Al Bishop decided to retire and turn over the Golden Gloves to GABA. Boxing, as well as most Olympic sports, was under the umbrella organization of The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). When Mr. Bishop retired, J. B. "Buddy" Davis was elected to serve as Georgia boxing chairman with the AAU. Approximately three years later congress passed the Ted Stephens Sports Act that mandated all Olympic sports must independent and self governing.

USA-ABF, (Amateur Boxing Federation) was formed in 1980 and Buddy served the first four years on its board of directors Loring Baker , of Atlanta, served as the first president. The constitution and by-laws of GABA was used as a guild line for other states to incorporate under the new governing body. A few years later the name was changed to the present USA Boxing, Inc.

Buddy, along with his wife Bo,. has served as president of GABA since its inception. They have also been totally involved on the regional, national and international levels for over fifty years.

Buddy & Bo Davis Founder of The Georgia Amateur Boxing Association
with Evander Holyfield &Vernon Forest

GABA is proud of its accomplishments, having produced four Olympians( Evander Holyfield, Romallis Ellis, Vernon Forest and Roshi Wells) as well as hundreds of regional and national champions. These accomplishments must be attributed to the thousands of volunteer coaches and officials that work in the organization. Male and Female athletes involved in boxing are among the best conditioned of any sport.

They also acquire self confidence and self discipline that will be needed throughout life..
As proud as we are of our many champions, we are equally proud of our alumni that have become good productive citizens and many of them have returned to work and coach in GABA; giving back to the sport that they love.

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